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ODS2G5 SDH/SONET Multiservice Optical Digital Systems


  • IRITEL ODS2G5 is next generation of SDH/SONET (NG-SDH/SONET) Optical Digital Transport Systems
  • Optical SDH/SONET interfaces: STM-16/4/1 (2G5, 622M, 155M)
  • PDH interfaces: E1 (2M), E3 (34M)
  • Ethernet packet interfaces: 10/100 BaseTx, 100 BaseFx, 1000 BaseX, 1000 BaseT services
  • SDH/SONET add/drop, cross-connect and terminal multiplexer
  • Implemented SDH/SONET cross-connect down to VC12 granularity
  • Ethernet over SDH/SONET (EOS) using standard GFP/VCAT/LCAS technologies
  • Automatic traffic protection, hardware line cards protection for optical SDH/SONET, PDH and Ethernet interfaces
  • WDM and CWDM option for up to 8 optical signals transmission over single optical fiber
  • Compact and flexible SDH/SONET equipment, easy expandable from small to full capacity, for metro and access network applications
  • Convergence of services
  • Interoperability with other vendors equipment
  • Low latency in transport of user traffic
  • Completely synchronous network
  • Low jitter solution
  • Bandwidth is guarantied
  • QoS (Quality of Service) guaranteed, fulfillment of strict SLA (Service Level Agreement), 99.999% reliability
  • Network management system SUNCE-M or SNMP-based management

Data sheets (pdf): IRITEL ODS2G5 SDH/SONET (English), IRITEL ODS2G5 SDH/SONET (Serbian)

                                             IRITEL_ODS2G5_SDH_SONET_2G5_pdf_English                        IRITEL_ODS2G5_SDH_SONET_2G5_pdf_Serbian

Main features

IRITEL ODS2G5 SDH/SONET - Main features

  • Multiservice Next Generation SDH/SONET (NG-SDH/SONET) optical digital transport system for voice, video and data transmission up to STM-16 (2.5 Gbit/s)
  • Optical line SDH/SONET interfaces STM-16 (2.5 Gbit/s), STM-4 (622 Mbit/s) and STM-1 (155 Mbit/s)
  • Transmission over single-mode optical fiber at 1310 nm for section length up to 50 km or at 1550 nm for section length
    up to 150 km
  • Plug-in SDH/SONET SFP optical or electrical transceivers, provides STM-16, STM-4 or STM-1 interface configuration
    on the same unit
  • WDM option - two way single fiber transmission (1310 and 1550 nm), passive optical filter
  • CWDM option - wavelength division multiplexing (1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591, 1611 nm +1310 nm),
    passive optical filters
  • PDH tributary interfaces for E1 (2 Mbit/s) and E3 (34 Mbit/s)
  • Full non blocking cross-connect matrix, capacity 44.78 Gbit/s (288 x 288 VC4) down to VC12 level granularity
  • Ethernet over SDH/SONET using standard GFP/VCAT/LCAS technologies
  • Static and dynamic Ethernet traffic capacity adjustment, LCAS procedure
  • Line protection at SDH/SONET multiplex section, 1+1 MSP, higher order path or lower order path protection (VC12, VC3, VC4), subnetwork protection SNCP
  • Advanced fault diagnosis (integrated BER tester, etc)
  • Protection configurations of system (working and reserve modules or units) are possible for cross-connect matrix, synchronization modules, SONET/SDH STM-16, STM-4 and STM-1 interfaces and tributary units STI2-63 (1:N 2 Mbit/s tributary protection)
  • Unit’s configuration parameters are stored in backplane memory, that enable "plug & play" change of units
  • SONET option (OC-48/OC-3, T1, T3) is software configurable
  • DC power supply -48 V DC or -60 V DC
  • Network management system SUNCE-M is integrated solution for configuration and continuous monitoring of the entire SDH/SONET optical network based on IRITEL's ODS2G5 and OTS622 equipment
  • IRITEL ODS2G5 SDH/SONET equipment has been designed in compliance with new ITU-T recommendation and ETSI standards

IRITEL ODS2G5 and OTS622 NG-SDH/SONET systems are completely developed by IRITEL
is exclusive manufacturer (OEM, vendor) and supplier for ODS2G5 and OTS622 NG-SDH/SONET equipment
IRITEL is a regional leader in addition to other manufacturers (OEM, vendors) and suppliers in area of OTN/DWDM and NG-SDH/SONET optical transmission systems